Bauhaus Museum in Tel Aviv

Bauhaus was a school of design in Germany before WWII (1919 – 1933). In the beginning it was more focused on crafts and fine arts – they didn’t even have an architecture department the first year.

Hitler, however, hated Bauhaus design (he preferred the classical design) and had the school closed in 1933. Fortunately, some of the artists and designers left before things in Germany got truly scary – and they came to Israel (back then Palestine under the British regime).


The Bauhaus Museum in Bialik Square is a small space that exhibits the crafts and furniture coming from the Bauhaus side of design.


The museum was started to show that the Bauhaus influence in Tel Aviv was not in architecture only.

For those who don’t know, Tel Aviv is called the ‘White City’ because of all of the Bauhaus buildings. Tel Aviv has so many Bauhaus buildings that many have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


I was already aware of the Bauhaus influence on typography.


And building design.


It’s nice to see the influence in interior design as well.


Isn’t that phone fabulous? Do you see the difference in shape from a normal rotary phone from back in the day.


Ok, this is a bit of a stretch to me. I don’t see how these are different from any other sort of pottery.


Metal was a major material in Bauhaus design. It gave the clean curvy lines that they preferred. Here metal is paired with the more organic rattan. Normally it would have been leather.


Bauhaus tea set. I love the shape of the tea cups and teapot.


Bauhaus was focused on turning function into design. Form follows function. This utilitarian desk is a great example of that.


The Bauhaus Museum is open on:


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