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In the age of electronic mail, Facebook and Twitter; it’s good to see that the art of writing greeting cards is not lost.


Fiona Richards of Cartolina Cards is a talented designer. Her line of cards and notebooks is truly inspiring.



I don’t know whether it’s the nostalgia for days gone by, but the vintage look to these cards is very attractive.


She uses centuries old block prints, printed with vegetable based inks on FSC certified recycled paper. According to her website:  FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council” which represents products produced from well managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood.


Above you see Japanese art influence.


I particularly like the tiger in this Chinese print.


And of course just to say Hello says it all in French.

Aside from their beautiful products, Cartolina has a creative and interesting website.

3 thoughts on “Back to Real Cards

  1. It is wonderful cards. I wish that “good old days” be back, when people wrote letters, wishing birthdays,etc. on a card.
    They are beautiful cards .

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