Product review: Loyallux, a paper house for cats

Pets deserve the best when it comes to every whim… makes sure that a cat has a home with it’s paper house designed especially for those felines that like shelter.  My visit to the ICFF this past Sunday was a much needed blast of inspiration from some of today’s young designers.  This small but mention worthy product was such an inspiration.

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Color Tip of the Week: Camouflage color, gray

Photo by Bizrate

What’s not to like about a color that hides dirt, dust and almost every unattractive substance that could come your home’s way? Gray is the color of your dreams when it comes to hiding unsightly business around the house.  I recently installed a gray rubber floor in my basement and it is an outstanding choice.  Between the “Kitty Vomit” and the outdoor track that comes in through the garage, I am one happy camper!

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Outdoor patio options

Photo by Fliker

The outside is my passion these days and all I can think of is my yard.  The next big project is designing an outdoor space that is inviting, and doing the research before hand is integral for a successful outcome .  What I really want is an area where I can host and entertain guests with food and drink comfortably.  This means that by day, there must be a shade source and by night, a light source.  The photo above seems like a good start.

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Color Tip of the Week: Stain it

My Deck

I am a paint advocate, but sometimes stain is a nice alternative.  Stain achieves a natural finish that seals the surface and highlights texture, especially when it is used on certain woods that have pronounced grain patterns.  I recently stained my deck in a color called “Cedar”, a popular color on the Cabots   stain chart. 

Stain not only replenishes a surfaces natural beauty,  it protects the wood and prolongs its life.  My deck had not been treated for over ten years and after re-finishing,  it looks like a new build. 

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Textile designer: Sina Pearson

Colors de Mexico Collection by Sina Pearson 

I deem a fabric collection successful when one look takes me to another region of the world,  Sina Pearsons  textiles do just that.  The “Colors de Mexico” series shown above was inspired by all things Mexican.  This designer is the perfect example of designing from inspiration.  Her entire collection of fabrics are conducive of  life experience and this is what makes them so successful, not to mention her expert color credentials.

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Color Tip of the Week: Outside inspiration in Pink

Creeping Phlox also known as Mountain Pink, provide a bright display of the flowers shown above.  Placing one of these in a rock garden or among a stone wall will deliver a show of color for the Spring spectacular mentioned last week.  This plant comes in blue and white if you want to mix.  Decorating in these colors is a favorite for girls rooms and can be integrated in a number of fun ways.

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Artist: Patrick Dougherty

Artist Work: Patrick Dougherty

These “weed trees” by Patrick Dougherty  are just a few of the amazing art works produced over his many years as a “stick artist”.  His work has graced various outdoor and indoor spaces since 1988 when the artist first started creating these massive tree sculptures.  I love all things nest-like and these fit right into this unique category, the good news is that we can all enjoy the works of Patrick this summer when he begins a massive instillation at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens starting August 1st, 2010.

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Color Tip of the Week: Outside inspiration in Yellow

One of the most inspiring times of the year is happening right outside your door.  The vivid colors of Spring are blooming all around us so go outside and get inspired by natures spectacular show.  The most astounding thing about spring in the East, USA is the order in which the colors come to be.  The curtain opens with a display of forsythia in a vibrant shade of yellow.  As back up, daffodils smile towards the sun in shades of butter and gold. 

Room by Martha Stewart

Decorating a room can be easy if you take Mother Nature’s cue.  Accenting a room with subtle hues is sophisticated and soothing.  If Martha can do it then so can you! 


1)  Choose a color from nature that you adore and use it in a rooms    decor. 

2)  Yellow is a sure bet to lift the spirits.

3)  New Spring green is a good runner up.  

4)  use white as a backdrop for integrating other fun colors.  This works well when paired with yellow as shown in the photo above.

Narcissus AKA Daffodile

Flower photos:  Wikkipedia

* Stay tuned for the next inspiring color  from nature…