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The Amish community is a quiet breed located in various states throughout the USA but this winter they are making some noise by marketing a heating device that has everyone buzzing.  The Amish Stove is all the rage and comes in many styles.  Most talked about as a secondary heating source and a decorative addition to home spaces that need that extra push of hot air when the north wind blows. 

Amish Stove With White Mantel


A good friend of mine sells stoves and he says that the only Amish thing about the one that you see here is the woodwork and that the actual heating element is made in China.  I have seen versions of the electric stove in Home depot, Lowes and smaller home stores.  At first I hated the concept, but now that I have seen it working in a few homes I can honestly say that it is a good source of alternative heat. 

Stone Mantel Stove


There are variations on the theme as seen here with the stone mantel above and below.  


But the most popular (and Amish) by far is the natural and stained wood versions like the one shown below.  This stove is on wheels so you can place it where it is needed most, pretty nifty. 


All stoves featured here are from

3 thoughts on “Amish heating solutions

  1. I love the white one. I wish I had an appropriate wall in my lounge to put that one, but I’ve got too many windows and patio doors and angles. And it’s too warm this winter in Israel to warrant it. But how cosy!

    I hate the other styles. They look fake and tacky to me. Like the Calor Gas fires that my grandmothers both had in their houses, and I ripped out of mine. But the white Amish trim – lovely! I’ve been wondering what my personal pared-down-but-not-modern-minimalist style is. Now I know! I’m off to trawl the net for Amish Style! Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Hmm… Amish “electrical” stove? Your friend is no doubt correct — the only thing Amish is the exterior. However, I’m checking out the idea of putting an artificial heating element inside the non-working fireplace in our bedroom. It will cozy up the room and even add some warmth for winter.

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