A Very Pantone Christmas


The best gifts, no matter the occasion, are the ones that truly speak to the recipient. I love buying gifts that reflect someone’s personality and interests, whether it’s a (totally badass) neon deer lamp for my outdoors-y nephew, or paintings by a local fashion designer-turned-artist for my mom-in-law, because they were friends from way back when they were both starting out in the business.

I also, of course, love to get the same kinds of gifts. Over the weekend I got together with my best girlfriend for drinks and the customary rehashing of our Christmas holiday, as well as a little gift exchanging. For me? The Pantone Universe peppermill, which has been on the wish list in my mind for ever, but I never mentioned wanting it to anyone. It’s available in several colors, but she chose Dazzling Blue to complement the orange walls of my kitchen and I absolutely love it!

Made by Typhoon, the peppermill is more than just a fabulous design statement—it’s also incredibly well made and eco friendly! The biodegradable outer shell is made from corn starch, and the grinder has several adjustable settings for coarseness, and carries a 25-year guarantee. Which is perfect, because with the combination of three new cookbooks and my first full matching set of cookware, my new peppermill is going to get quite the workout!

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