Textile designer: Sina Pearson

Colors de Mexico Collection by Sina Pearson 

I deem a fabric collection successful when one look takes me to another region of the world,  Sina Pearsons  textiles do just that.  The “Colors de Mexico” series shown above was inspired by all things Mexican.  This designer is the perfect example of designing from inspiration.  Her entire collection of fabrics are conducive of  life experience and this is what makes them so successful, not to mention her expert color credentials.

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Keep it Fresh

prepara herb savorDon’t ask me how, but my husband has a knack for finding cool kitchen accessories that actually live up to their claims, and this thing is no different. Because that’s what I thought when I opened it during what I like to refer to as “A Very Foodie Christmas” last year—what is this thing?

This thing is the Herb Savor from Prepara. Aesthetically pleasing in its design, the Herb Savor was created to prolong the life of fresh herbs for up to three weeks. Having been in a cooking slump, until recently the thought of cooking with fresh herbs really hadn’t crossed my mind. But last week, I decided to reinvigorate one of my favorite go-to recipes—oven-roasted fingerling potatoes sprinkled with sea salt—with some fresh Italian parsley. Noting the presence of the still-unused Herb Savor sitting on the kitchen cabinet, I figured I might as well buy a big bunch of parsley and finally give it a whirl.

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A Cool Breeze

Last week was Earth Day and it reminded me about the need for a ceiling fan in my living room. I already have one in several other rooms in the house.

Ceiling fans are a very energy efficient way to cool your home. They work by increasing air movement and helping your body lose heat. Installing fans can also drastically reduce your air conditioning costs, since they consume approximately half as much electricity as air conditioners. Turning your fan on and your air conditioner down a few degrees will result in an overall cost savings.

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Color Tip of the Week: Outside inspiration in Pink

Creeping Phlox also known as Mountain Pink, provide a bright display of the flowers shown above.  Placing one of these in a rock garden or among a stone wall will deliver a show of color for the Spring spectacular mentioned last week.  This plant comes in blue and white if you want to mix.  Decorating in these colors is a favorite for girls rooms and can be integrated in a number of fun ways.

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Artist: Patrick Dougherty

Artist Work: Patrick Dougherty

These “weed trees” by Patrick Dougherty  are just a few of the amazing art works produced over his many years as a “stick artist”.  His work has graced various outdoor and indoor spaces since 1988 when the artist first started creating these massive tree sculptures.  I love all things nest-like and these fit right into this unique category, the good news is that we can all enjoy the works of Patrick this summer when he begins a massive instillation at the Brooklyn Botanical gardens starting August 1st, 2010.

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The Great Green Outdoors

Images: Design Within Reach

Just in time for Earth Day comes the Go collection of outdoor furniture, created exclusively for Design Within Reach by eco geniuses Greg Benson and Jeff Taly at Loll Designs. Crafted from 100-percent post-consumer plastic recycled from milk jugs, Go brings the indoors out with a modern spin on the classic club chair and loveseat, as well as accessories such as the side table and coffee table/bench. Built to last, every piece is waterproof, fade resistant and maintenance free. And with 90-percent of the waste from the manufacturing process being sent to a recycling plant, the Go collection’s carbon footprint is small in size and big on style.

All seven pieces in the Go collection are available in seven colors, including black, white, British green, Chocolate, Apple, Leaf and Sky, shown here. The side chair offers plenty of space to relax, and boasts a more-upright back that most outdoor “lounge” chairs, a feature found throughout the collection. Choose from the stationary version above, or get moving with the rocking side chair.

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Color Tip of the Week: Outside inspiration in Yellow

One of the most inspiring times of the year is happening right outside your door.  The vivid colors of Spring are blooming all around us so go outside and get inspired by natures spectacular show.  The most astounding thing about spring in the East, USA is the order in which the colors come to be.  The curtain opens with a display of forsythia in a vibrant shade of yellow.  As back up, daffodils smile towards the sun in shades of butter and gold. 

Room by Martha Stewart

Decorating a room can be easy if you take Mother Nature’s cue.  Accenting a room with subtle hues is sophisticated and soothing.  If Martha can do it then so can you! 


1)  Choose a color from nature that you adore and use it in a rooms    decor. 

2)  Yellow is a sure bet to lift the spirits.

3)  New Spring green is a good runner up.  

4)  use white as a backdrop for integrating other fun colors.  This works well when paired with yellow as shown in the photo above.

Narcissus AKA Daffodile

Flower photos:  Wikkipedia

* Stay tuned for the next inspiring color  from nature…

Bright ideas from Usona

Coat Trees by Usona

I found  the link to Usona while thumbing through a favorite shelter magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find some whimsical, colorful and useful ideas on their website.  I love to see a company utilize brights in their line up of designer home furnishings and accessories.  More often than not home product is blurred by the beige brigade.  I can see integrating the coat trees shown above in a group but I am pretty sure I would get upset if someone actually hung a coat on one of them. 

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