Color Tip of the Week: Color energy

Color psychology, color language, color etc… call it what you like, the bottom line is that color is a powerful tool that adds energy to whatever you place it on.  The color experience is with us everyday and by choosing colors that you like you can enhance that ten fold in your home.  Color encompasses all that surrounds us, Mother nature is one of it’s greatest contributors.  Here is a list of the energy that each color possesses.  Surrounding yourself with these colors can change your life.

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Sit for Even Less

Herman Miller Aeron ChairAt almost the moment it was introduced in 1994, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair became the “It” chair for the office. All the cool kids at the cool offices had them, and hotels began touting the Aeron’s presence in rooms as one of many luxury amenities. And for good reason: it really was luxurious. But not in a gilded object sort of luxurious, but a luxury for the body itself. Everything about the Aeron chair, from the way it conforms to different body shapes and evenly distributes weight, to its fully adjustable nature and PostureFit technology, made it the must-have office chair. It also looked totally cool.

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Eco friendly bath products

Organic Bath Towels by Pottery Barn

I came across some new products from Pottery Barn  that boast an Eco friendly edge, it really got me thinking…

Towels, sheets and the like are some of the most chemical filled home furnishings around. Manufactures use surface finishes and scent to sell these goods.  The idea of purchasing organic bath products really struck a cord in me. Why expose yourself to harsh chemicals, especially during sleep.  I did a little research and this is what I found.

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Why use an Interior Designer? QA on Twitter

Picture above from Apartment Therapy *swoon*

On February 25th at 8pm EST in the USA interior designers worldwide are getting together to answer your questions on Twitter. How does this work if you’re not following the designers or you don’t know who they are? There are several ways you can participate – the hashtag for the event is #IDzinechat, which means if you do a search for that phrase you will see the list of people involved in the question and answer session.

The designers involved are:

@irwinfelddesign, @maybellinete, @BilletCollins, @Norbridge, @ SusanSerraCKD, @averydesign, @abcdesign, @tkpleslie,  @WandaSHorton

I won’t be there because 8pm EST is 3am Israel time  - I’ll be sleeping :) I’m just going to have my stream open that night and I’ll read the happenings the following morning. However, for all of you in the US or more sympathetic time zones – enjoy the chat!

Hotel Review: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

The Inbal Hotel is located in Jerusalem in possibly the absolute best location in the city. It’s walking distance from the German Colony, the Old City and the market (ok, granted the market would be a bit of a schlep, but on a nice day – totally doable).  Required self disclosure – my husband and I were invited by the Inbal for the weekend. I also tweeted about it the whole weekend, but that was my choice. The hotel impressed me and the people were unbelievably nice and helpful. What a fantastic combination.

This Jerusalem hotel is 5-star. It looks like a 5-star hotel, has the amenities of a 5-star hotel and has the location of a 5-star hotel. So I’m not going to focus on that, because that’s boring. If you’ve been to a 5-star hotel, this is like the others. What makes the Inbal stand out is the service. We went to the spa (which was amazing and idiot me didn’t take photos.) I looked at the gym (but lazy me didn’t go work out and yes, didn’t photos of that either – but it was a great gym. Totally my bad for not going.)

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