Street scapes: San Francisco

The Mission district in the city of  San Francisco, California is chock full of street art.  So much so that I could not resist taking these photos if not for the pattern then for the colors, wow, such wonderful combinations abound.  This “Eyes of Buddah” garage door is just a hoot.  I am seriously in love with this idea. 

Most of the art is painted boldly on the front of the buildings and some of it is done in narrow alleyways.  Anyway you slice it, this stuff is simply amazing.

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High-Performance Cookware

Over the past 10 or so years that I’ve been cooking, I’ve accumulated numerous pots and pans, in an “oh, I need a bigger sauté pan…oh this stock pot will do for now” sort of way. But I never went all out and purchased a full set of proper cookware, mostly because there’s too much to chose from and the decision-making process would be, for me, never ending. But luckily my husband decided to make the decision for me, and surprised me with my first grown-up set of matching cookware for Christmas. And considering he’s the good cook that taught me how to cook, his decision making was spot on!

I am so incredibly happy with my 10-piece set of Emerilware (made by All-Clad) which has a porcelain hard enamel exterior with a sleek black finish and wonderful ergonomic handles. The set includes 8- and 10-inch fry pans, 1- and 2-quart sauce pans, a 3-quart sauté pan and a 6-quart tall stockpot, plus lids for the sauce and sauté pans and the stockpot. The tempered-glass lids, by the way, are almost the best part, because they have two sets of straining holes, which eliminates the need for a precariously perched colander in the sink for draining pasta and the like. But the best feature of these excellent scratch-resistant, nonstick pots and pans are the pouring spouts on the sauce pans, which is awesome for, well, sauces! Not to mention having another option for draining veggies and the like! It’s one of those things where you think, “yeah, that’s alright…” until you need it, and then you think, “wow, that’s pretty handy!”

The nonstick surfaces are super easy to clean, almost effortless (completely effortless if you just stick them in the dishwasher, where they are indeed safe), and I love that everything is also oven safe…which means I officially no longer have an excuse for not making that beef bourguignon, as I’ve been promising to do! The set is well-priced and available all over the Web, and some open-stock pieces, like the 5-quart sauté pan and 3-quart sauce pan, as well as a griddle, are also available to round out the collection.

Antler art, love it or not

Winter brings out the best in antler art.  Although this decorative art form is not new, it is definitely still kicking.  I am not a fan of this product but I have seen it around so much lately that I had to research it and include it as a popular theme in home furnishings.  All I think of when I see these things is large furry animals without their best feature… how sad.

Anyway, I did find a few that I thought had some merritt. I do like the one featured here from Roost.  More commonly the antler is pointing upwards but these are shown as the base of the lamp.  This is a nice twist.

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Color Tip of the Week: Pretty in pink

PINK!  This color has come full circle, it can be seen in fashion as a menswear color, used in home furnishings as a soft, country accent and highlighted  as a popular choice for girls bedrooms.  I found some great examples on the Better Homes & Gardens  website that I couldn’t resist.

Pink & Black

This retro combination always works no matter the shade of pink.  The black pulls pink into a different direction especially when it is used in such a happening print like the one shown here.


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ksut – chic coverups

Photo courtesy of designer

My friend suggested I go visit KSUT in Carmei Yosef, 35km (22mi) south-east of Tel-Aviv – a beautiful spot in the Judean foothills.  She thought I’d love the textile studio. And she was right.

Edit Kaplan Friedberg is unique among many designers and people. She is charming, amicable and modest. However her creations are outstanding. Fabric sculpture that you can wear if you are brave enough, if not display it in your home. Continue reading

Bathing Beauties: Five Fab Faucets

If everything goes according to plan, the husband and I will be embarking on our first major renovation this spring/summer: finally giving that sad, not-so-master master bath a much-needed makeover! And while we know the basics of the space—deep soaking tub, lots of white tile, water-saving fixtures, polished chrome finishes—we haven’t quite gotten down to specifics, until now.

I recently began looking at faucets; it seemed like a smart place to start considering that will be the main “decoration” of the otherwise all-white bathroom. Some features were a given, like polished chrome finishes and water-saving technology, while others, such as the style, are still debatable at this point. Considering the overall style of the house, as well as the diminutive size of the bathroom, I didn’t think we could go too hyper-mod, so I primarily searched for in-between styles, something “transitional” but with a subtle touch of modern to keep it fresh and updated.

The five faucets below are on my official short list, and I think they all would work perfectly in my still-a-sketch-in-a-notebook bathroom.

Delta Lahara faucet

Meaning “wave” in Sanskrit, the Lahara collection from Delta boasts gently curving handles reminiscent of the motion of the ocean. I love the shape, and the high-arc spout is beautifully styled to coordinate with a variety of looks. This one is presently at the top of my list.

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Color Tip of the Week: Paint finishes


Paint Cans Green Depot

The term “paint finish” refers to the amount of shine or lack of it in a painted surface.  Determining which finish to use can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with industry lingo.  Choosing a finish is actually very simple and some companies even provide a sheen chart which makes the consumers job a lot easier.  Simply put, here are your choices.

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