Color Tip of the Week: Seeing is believing

 It always helps to see what you are getting before actually getting it and color is no exception.  There are many websites that support color making decisions that allow a designer to “see” what a color will look like in the space before ever painting one drop.  Most of these programs are pretty accurate when it comes to a look-see and it sure beats nothing so what the heck.

BM personal_Color_Viewer

The personal Color Viewer from Benjamin Moore is one that has been around for a few years now. There is an updated version of the software that works pretty well. 

Sherwin Williams has a tool called the “Color Visualizer’ which is similar to the software mentioned above.


Get inspired, get help, why not? 

Here is a list of good web sites that can help with color conundrums. 


Fashion Trend Setter


Voice of Color

House in Westin, CT

Westin house

Re-use your News – Featured Artist: Erez Mulay

Erez Mulay is a Product designer who likes to experiment with various materials. His “Re-news” series was born out of his experiments with newspaper. Erez wanted to make products out of reusable materials thus extending their life and also making soft and fragile material into something durable.

The first design in the Re-news series is this bin made of rolled up magazines.

Re-news bin
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Wally, the living wall system

First we had “Wall-E the robot and now we have “Wally, the living wall system”.  I had an uncle Wally and never associated the name with anything futuristic, but there seems to be a new wave of Wally’s in the world.

Here’s the living wall system from, an LA / Phoenix based design group that prides themselves on sustainable products. This is a very happening idea when it comes to putting on the green.  The indoor-outdoor system itself is made from recycled plastic bottles which is breathable and this in turn helps keeps the soils oxygen supply fresh.


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White Space: Must-Have Place Settings

Crate and Barrel's Essential collection

While I’ll be setting my table tomorrow in shamrock and plum Fiestaware, I’ll undoubtedly be mixing in the odds and ends of a mismatched collection of white dinnerware. Years ago I assembled a small kit of various white pieces for food styling, but never went ahead and completed a full set. Which I admit was foolish of me, by the way. So although I’d love to have a few pieces of the turquoise Fiestaware, I’m committed to finding a complete collection of white place settings and serving pieces. (And would be delighted to find any of these under the tree this year!)

Even if you think a totally white table is incredibly boring, a versatile set of white plates and bowls (Like Crate & Barrel’s Essential coupe collection, above) is not only good for everyday use, but also the ideal foundation for creating a remarkable tablescape, whether you choose to mix and match colors, textures, styles or a little bit of everything.

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Book Review: The Well-Dressed Home

I first came across Annette Tatum’s new book, The Well-Dressed Home, on a blog of someone I follow on Twitter (right now the name escapes me but I love the blog. I hate it when that happens…) The pictures of the book were so inviting. I just fell in love with every one.

Chinoisera_dining_couture_Well_Dressed_Home (Small)

So I wrote to the author and asked if I could review it (meaning – please send me a free copy of your gorgeous book!) and she said yes!

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Eco-friendly Wonder Thunder products, these kids are alright

I happened upon this cool, colorful and kitch duo a while back and just now got to writing them up.  Specializing in two color prints in simple but creative patterns, Wonder Thunder  has a nice product line that makes you chuckle.

Kitchen towels are not dull in fuchsia and white.  Most of their prints are done up in standard printing colors right off of the printing block.


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PILLOWfolly Pillows, what’s not to like?

Shira and I are Tchochkes partners, the best that there are.  If she says Black I usually say White and this is what makes us such a success as a pair.

My favorite pillow from day one is the Italian Seashore pillow, I mean what’s not to like?  When I read Shira’s review of the contest I had to chuckle.  How could you not get this pillow?  The colors, the pattern and the subject matter are all so perfectly “Italy kitsch”.Pillow_Italy

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PILLOWfolly Pillows – now I’m giving my opinion

We at Tchochkes would like to give a special thank you to PILLOWfolly for sponsoring the Pick a Pillow contest. If you’re just visiting the site for the first time today, sorry, the contest is over – but we’ll have more in the future. (The winner will be announced in a few days.)

Here’s the dilemma – do I write this in the way I would if I wasn’t the one who approached PILLOWfolly and suggested we do this contest? In other words, do I give my opinion filled with honesty and a dash of snark? Because as you all know – there is one pillow in the group that I just don’t get.

Some of you didn’t like any of the PILLOWfolly pillows, which is fair enough. I would like to know what you do like – so for the people who disliked all of the pillows – a small request / challenge for you – comment here and give a link of a pillow that you do like. And why. I’m really interested in the why.

Ok – on to the opinions…

Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange

Folk Art Print With Stripe Flange

I’m starting off with my favorite. I love the flowers, I love the colors and I love the striped flange. I even like the word flange.  The colors also fit my house really well and my sofa is screaming for this.

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