Smells like Team Spirit

pink_yankees_bedroomIt’s that time of year again! No, not Halloween (though to be sure, I do have my costume ready for tomorrow night), but time for that Fall Classic; the World Series.  And being in New York, I’m in town to root on my favorite team! Now, I’m not going to go as far as too get any of this paraphernalia, “tchochkes,” if you will. A comfy hoodie is all I really need to show off my team colors. But, should your colors’ run thicker through your veins, here are some ideas as to how to infuse your loyalty into your home decor. Not a Yankees fan? Boo! Hiss! Just kidding, check for your favorite team at

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Shower Power

flying drops

Last Saturday we took a break from Super Saturday House Cleaning Extravaganza to make one of those “quick trips” to Home Depot. You know, that trip where you have a list that says “light bulbs and shower curtain liner” and an hour later you leave with a bunch of stuff you forgot you totally needed.  Although this time a cheap impulse buy has become The Greatest Thing Ever.

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Blog review: Design Sponge

A magazine (Nest) is calling their version of this column “Link Love” which is so much more accurate, I’m quite tempted at liberating (i.e. stealing) this term for Tchochkes as well. But I won’t. Any witty suggestions for a column name will be accepted – and the chosen namer will be given a thank you from Tchochkes on the site.

Design*Sponge is such an amazing site and Grace Bonney, the founder of the site, has worked to create content that has serious value on several fronts.

First and foremost for me would be the eye candy – of which there is in abundance. My favorite columns are “Before and After” and the designer home tours.

All images randomly taken from Design Sponge.



I love that. This is what green should be about.

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Store Review: The Mysterious Ubico Studio

Ubico Studio can be found in an alley in the south of Tel Aviv, in Florentine. An alley which carries the scent of wood shavings and glue. No, I didn’t come back high.

Why is Ubico Studio mysterious, you may be asking yourselves? Well, it’s the name, you see. Ori Ben-Zvi, the founder, was willing to answer all my questions, but one: What is the meaning of “Ubico”? “It’s a personal secret” said Ori, making it that much more mysterious.

Ellia Nattel, a recent graduate from H.I.T (Holon Institute of Technology) works together with Ori.  Also a lecturer at H.I.T., Ori teaches a class on Environment and Society as part of the Industrial Design Faculty. Ubico studio’s work deals with the romance of recycled furniture and it is handmade as opposed to readymade. Take, for example this shelf unit:

It’s made of drawers, right?

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Floor options naturally

Floors are one of those things that get right under your feet, pun intended. Today there are many unique “natural’ options to choose from as companies ride the green wave.  I found three interesting products that are not totally new to the market, but the way that the patterning for flooring has evolved is truly amazing.

Cork Floor Tile Inlay by


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Store Review: Aron Design in Budapest

I happened to be in the city during Budapest Design Week -  October 2nd -11th which ran for the sixth consecutive year.

It consisted of design fairs, exhibitions, open studios and programs for children. This year’s theme focused on artists’  creativity and innovations. As well as drawing the public closer to the Hungarian and international design world.


I managed to visit the Aron Design Store which turns into a kind of  ‘ museum’ for the week.

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Designer review: Shine Home

Shine is the creative outlet for Susan Hornbeak Ortiz, the co-owner and designer. The style of Shine is very Southern Califiornia slick. Like Palm Springs during the rat pack years when Courrèges was king.

Shine_Lola Chair_1

And the furniture reminds me a lot of movies from that era as well – with a twist. The fabric of the piece above with the traditional fabric tacked edges is very mid-60′s – but the cut out from the top of the back is something different. An Asian influence in shape.

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Furniture show review: High Point


Here she is again, Hermine Mariaux, every designers best blogger when it comes to home shows.

Giant Dresser on Hamilton Street, High Point NC.

High Point_NC_Hamilton _Street

High Point Furniture Market , an event that has been around for 100 years, is one of the leading home furnishing shows on the East Coast.  Not having time to attend myself, I am sharing a bit of what the next best snoop has found to be true at this powerful market event.

Home tour: Haim Hazaz’s Apartment in Jerusalem

Haim Hazaz lived an amazing life. He escaped the Nazi’s and wrote a story praised by T.S. Eliot. However, as this is Tchochkes and not a political or literature journal – we’re more interested in his really cute flat in the Talbia area of Jerusalem. His widow (who was an absolute doll when I met her) lives there now.


This was one of the many houses I toured thanks to Houses from Within – Jerusalem (yes, you’ll be seeing homes from those two days in September for many weeks to come). I fell in love with this flat from the moment I walked in and saw the French blue door mixed with the yellow carpet tile. Isn’t the combination just stunning? This flat had the prettiest carpet tiles I’ve ever seen.


Love that tile.

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Color Tip of the Week: Rainbow

Wall Stories Mural, UK


I recently babysat my 5 year old nephew who has managed to side-step kindergarten for the last 5 weeks (don’t ask) and as I was preparing him something to eat, in the background I heard his children’s show repeatedly singing “living in a rainbow”.  Sure enough that “ear cootie” stuck in my head for the rest of the day and instead of being a bother it put me in a really good mood!

Rainbow colors are bright and cheery.  Decorating can be fun if you utilize this palette correctly.  Rainbow colors “ROYGBIV” Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, give you the world to play with.

Color tips:

* How about painting an actual rainbow mural on a side wall in your child’s bedroom?  What a great way to greet the day… 

* Or pick two or three of the colors mentioned above and paint them in shades throughout the room including the ceiling and trim.

Remember: Living in a rainbow can work for you too!