Colorways: Gray & Yellow

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I came to the consensus that gray and yellow pillows would be perfect for our badass new sofa. I know normally we don’t really let them participate in this kind of important decision making, but he’s a graphic designer and great with color, so I might as well get an opinion, right? He does sit there. Frankly I thought he would hate it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

As I carried on my search, which has been narrowed down to a handful of combo choices, I started seeing a lot more yellow and gray textiles and accessories. Here is just a handful of favorites…

ashley duvet

Love the cool and serene vibe of the Ashley Citron bedding collection from Blissliving home (also home of a pillow contender or two). The mod mum print is great, and the overall look has just the right amount of yellow.

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Store review: Bae in San Francisco

Bae is this incredibly sweet little home decor shop in San Francisco. Unlike one of the places on Sacramento Street (the place shall remain nameless) the person working at Bae was really nice and friendly. Even the people shopping were lovely (got to chatting with the bored husband and he was impressed that a Kellogg MBA was doing something that didn’t involve banking.)


Of course, I did fall in love with a few things in particular…

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Mums the word for Fall gardening



Mums at Barton Orchard, Fishkill Farms N.Y.

I must confess, I used to be a mum hater…

Over the years my attitude towards this colorful Fall Perennial has changed.  Mums are the choice flower for Fall gardening in the North East, USA.  While the climate cools and the leaves start to turn, this cool weather plant thrives with rich, colorful blooms. 

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Store Review: Tribal Trends at Gaporou

New stores and galleries are emerging like mushrooms after the rain in the midst of the Jaffa flea market. Among dusty shops packed with all sorts of ancient weird and wonderful goodies you will find shiny new galleries such as the Gaporou Tribal Trends Gallery which sells Tribal furniture, art and jewelry – some of which could be mistaken as furniture.  In the window of Gaporou I saw a family of adorable “over fed” Guinea fowl sculptures which I loved and reminded me of the Guinea Fowl sculptures from South Africa (where I am from), though the ones from home weren’t quite so well “fed”.

Usually South African Guinea Fowl sculptures look like this one, more or less (artist unknown).

South African Guinea Fowl sculpture

Look at the ones I found in the store:

Ginea Fowl

Aren’t they cute!
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Home Tour: Somewhere in Israel, part 3

Apparently the Home Tour of Somewhere in Israel Part 1 and Part 2 has stirred up some controversy – mainly because some of my friends can’t understand why I like this house so much. Granted, these are all exhausted mothers who look at the house and think what a nightmare it would be to dust – but the united opinion among them seems to be that the Somewhere in Israel house is too cluttered.


Pish posh I say. Which means nonsense in British but also happens to be a lot of fun to say. Seriously – say “Pish posh”. You have to smile. Especially if you’re American.

How can you not love a house with an upstairs balcony overlooking an amazing view with an outside shower and outside kitchen?

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Trade show review by Hermine Mariaux


This “little old lady” is on the ball when it comes to reviewing the popular Paris home show “Maison & Objet“.  If you are interested in the latest trends coming and going then it is worth reading the five articles attached written for Home textiles Today, a leading home furnishings publication here in the USA.  In my opinion, Hermine Mariaux  is the master of telling it like it is. 

Trade shows are an important indicator of what’s to come in home furnishings.  If you can’t get to the shows in person then reading what an expert has to report is the next best thing. 

Posh Pots and Pans by Stefane Giovani for Alessi

Alessi_ Stefano_Giovannoni

Bench, Please!

As far as multipurpose furniture goes, you can never go wrong with a bench or two. The location possibilities are almost endless—put one at the foot of the bed or in front of a window, create communal-style seating at the dining table or group a few together for a modular conversation pit. Today’s offerings are more stylish than ever, with clever storage, unexpected materials and silhouettes to fit every decor.

CognitaQuite possibly the most brilliant piece of furniture ever, the Cognita bench designed by BluDot for Herman Miller is equally at home in the office or in the bedroom. The upholstered seat lifts to reveal ample space for files or extra linens, while the hard section (which is the perfect spot to place a cocktail, by the way) opens to a removable tray with organizing compartments for smaller bits. A pair of drawers completes this smart instant classic.


Used indoors or out, Arktura’s laser-cut Coral table is bound to leave a lasting impression. Made from bent steel, the bench has soft lines, and is eco-friendly thanks to its no-VOC powder-coated finish. And the mesmerizing pattern is “algorithmically-generated,” which involves math.

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