I Heart Jaffa

It’s a funny story, yesterday morning I was going to take photos of an interior design store. I began my day in Jaffa to pick up my camera’s tripod that I had left at a friend. I arrived a little early and walked around the small back streets of Jaffa delighting in the architecture that put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Apartment building in Jaffa

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Clear & Present

louis ghost

Before 2002, when anyone mentioned the word Lucite, the only things that came to mind were stripper heels or a tacky ’80s bachelor pad. But then Philippe Starck put his madman/genius spin on a 19th-century icon, creating the Louis XV Ghost Armchair for Kartell. It became an instant classic, and the reason we all decided a little injection-molded polycarbonate wasn’t such a bad idea after all, as long as it was used in moderation.


As cheeky as it is elegant, Suzan Fellman’s Orphee is a postmodern parlor chair with an Alice in Wonderland vibe. Continue reading

DIY fabrice resource

I love textiles!  After spending over half of my career as a textile designer in new York City it’s easy make such a bold statment.  I recently came across this cool on-line fabric resource that I think every creative person should know about.  Spoonflower.com is a point and click service that will print a self designed pattern from a jpeg.


Pattern by Rachel Moorman

Their custom printed 100% cotton fabric process takes a few weeks at a cost of $18.00 per yard and they ship internationally.  Although this sounds expensive, it is actually quite a nice price for small yardage in personalized styles.

Sunny San Francisco – the misplaced home

My first video is, unfortunately, a rant. It’s not that I don’t like the Harlequin house – it’s just that it doesn’t fit its surroundings at all. If this was South Beach it would be fantastic – but it’s not. Don’t tear down pretty old houses just because you like modern design. Your house will look like a sore thumb.