Dutch Boy’s imaginative interiors

Room Sets By Dutch Boy


 Paint companies are the best place to look for colorful interior inspirations, I found these photos on the Dutch Boy site.  Having worked for a paint company, I know first-hand how these room sets are made.  All of the rooms shown here are specifically designed to highlight the brightest colors and to show off uber creative decorative techniques.  Come, let yourself be inspired.

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The end of my Goth stage

Patti (my partner on Tchochkes) was highly amused by the fact that I used to be a Goth (as I mentioned here) and insisted on hearing how it ended. So here’s the story.

I was into Goth from the age of about 14. I had an all black / dark green / dark purple wardrobe, wore granny boots, monkey boots and Doc Martins. As I have mentioned – I had a black satin bed set when I was 16.

Then, when I was 18 I was shopping with my parents in a bedding store and saw an Eileen West comforter set. It was absolutely lovely – pastel flowers that looked a lot like the Water Lilies collection by Monet.


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Dinnerware (aka dishes): flowered, patterned, or plain?

I have a new obsession – dinnerware. Dishes, plates, bowls, cups, saucers – the whole lot. We need new dishes and we need them now.

It’s not that I don’t like the dinnerware we have. Back in the day when Pottery Barn actually had a few affordable items in their store they used to sell this fantastic set of cafeware – $35 for a set of 16 pieces (mug, bowl, regular plate and salad plate). It was brilliant and I made my husband carry 2 boxes home when we visited the US before we got married. This set has been a fantastic one, but now they are starting to die. Children and life have broken so many that we can no longer set a table for 6 – forget the original 8. And soup is now only for 1. If Pottery Barn still offered this set I would find a way to get them and bring them home (I like the set that much) – but they don’t. So a new set it is.

But what kind of set? Do I want plain? Flowered? Patterned? Correll (which never breaks – but I’m not nuts about the look)? And then of course there’s the cost of a new set…


Like these Golf & Co. kistchy flowered dinnerware set. Yes, they are well over the top on the barf me cute factor – but I like them. Especially the striped plate on the bottom which you can barely see. I don’t think my husband would be nuts about quite so much pink though.

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Gothic interior design (as in the subculture)

Before I moved to Israel 11 years ago I was a Goth – as in dyed jet black long hair down to my tush, black lipstick, black clothes and very white skin (no makeup needed for that one). I was pretty active in the Los Angeles scene and was even in a documentary on Goth’s – one of my silly folly’s of youth that I’m hoping will never find it’s way to the surface…

As such I’m extremely familiar with Gothic style and I had to run a counter post to Patti’s take on Gothic yesterday.


The Aumbry at the Bury Parish Church is thanks to Andy Marshall

The Gothic subculture is very colorful – but not in the color sense of the word.

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“Goth” home furnishings by Ed Hardy



Ed Hardy AKA The God father of Tattoo, Los Angeles based artist & clothing designer has come out with a line of funky bedding.  These sheet sets are a sign of the times, capturing the GOTH theme in every way.   I can appreciate the bold statement of these patterns from a trendy point of view but I am not sure that I would like to see them day and night on my own bed. Continue reading

Mallory Serebrin Jacobs – Jerusalem Artist

Originally hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Mallory Serebrin is an award-winning artist and potter living and working in Jerusalem.   In 1998 she founded Studio ArtWorks – The Jerusalem Ceramic Art Center where she conducts ceramics classes, workshop and camps for children and adults of all ages. Always up for interesting and challenging projects, she is also available for custom interior work like kitchen backsplashes and other tile work.  Continue reading

Recycle, reuse: Woven products

Colorful Woven Baskets by Guy Lougashi


These baskets were recently featured in Hadassah Magazine, a popular Jewish publication in the USA.  The article highlighted many Isreali artists, most of whom do not have websites.  Guy Lougashi is one of the few artists who has gotten some coverage,  he weaves these beautiful baskets out of recycled paper using traditional patterns.  Not only are they beautiful, some of the proceeds go to Shekulo Tov; an organization that helps people suffering from mental illness.

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