Pet furniture deluxe

Cat Cave by Eddie’s Room










Pet owners are a rare breed, it’s not unusual to go out of your way for your dog or cat’s comfort; right?  How about one of these ”Cat Caves” from Danish designer’s Eddie’s Room?  This beautifully crafted walnut box comes with a mattress for ultimate comfort and a price tag of $440.00… are they crazy?

* My little kitty will not be seeing one of these anytime soon.


Biodegradable flooring: Linoleum


*Did you know that the first biodegradable flooring was available 150 years ago?

Yes, and that would be linoleum.  All fingers point toward the environment these days and it is important to identify, or in this case re-identify products that fit the present needs of decorators and designers .  Linoleum, who’s main ingredient is linseed oil with sub ingredients of ground limestone, resin, cork and wood; is 100% biodegradable.

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Shanghai – The Quintet B&B

One of our readers commented that we have been too focused on international design lately and not enough on Israel. Tchochkes is an international interior design blog based in Israel. However, the design in Israel is limited, as is our time. Sometimes we can’t make it to stores or homes for reviews and sometimes we want to write about design in general. Other times we aren’t in Israel. Furthermore – most of our readers aren’t in Israel. My point – if you think we aren’t doing enough on Israel – help us out – go take pictures of your home and send it in (keeping in mind that I’ll critique your place and Patti is nicer than I am. ;) With that said – my next few posts will be about China – because I was there for 2 weeks and took a few hundred photos.

I was in Shanghai for school and decided to go a few days early to see the city and pamper myself a bit. I wanted to find a place to stay in the French Concession – an area of town developed by the French. After checking numerous boring, expensive hotel sites I wandered over to see what the suggestions were for places to stay and came across a recommendation for the Quintet Bed and Breakfast.


After checking out their website – I knew where I was going to stay – in the Fleur de Shanghai room.

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Shop-opp: Ceramics in Neve Tzedek

Ceramic Tiles by Leah Sheves


Shlush Shloshim is a contemporary ceramics gallery in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv.  I must have walked past this place ten times but have never gone in.  You really can’t miss the bright mosaic walls on the outside of the gallery, but I always thought that this belonged to the ice cream parlor situated next door.  This deserves a big DUH!

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Store review: Kakadu

Wood Stools and Seder Plates by Kakadu


On the way home from a weekend hike my husband and I happened upon the Kakadu studio, which is located in Moshav Zafririm on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  As we pulled into the parking lot we could hear roosters across the way cacadoodle-dooing us a warm welcome… Kakadu sure knows how to set the tone for a down to earth shopping experience.

* A Kakadu is a white parrot that is sacred to the Aborigine people of Australia

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Event review: Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv

Old Train Station, Tel Aviv-Yafo


This year Tel Aviv-Yaffo is celebrating it’s 100th year centennial.  Many sites that were once old and decrepit are now polished up and ready for the celebration.  The “Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair” is one of the many events enjoying this status.  This show, housed in the old Tel Aviv-Yafo train station is stuffed with art from prominent local galleries, and a bit over-stuffed to my liking.

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