Quicky post – jar frames

Sometimes you come across something and you think ‘THAT IS SO COOL I HAVE TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT!!!!” And that is exactly what happened to me (actually, that happens to me a lot – that’s why I started this blog.)

One of my favorite design blogs is Design*Sponge. I’ve been reading Grace’s blog for about… honestly, so long I can’t remember. So it’s been a long time. Since her blog was hosted on blogger – that’s how long.   

In my inbox (I subscribe to her daily feed) there was a DIY post about jar frames. How cute and clever are these??!!




A Dutch Treat

Dear Tchochkes readers – I would like to introduce a new writer on Tchochkes! Jessica Korman is studying architecture and interior design in Jerusalem and has a blog about design and her life named after her cats “Henry Ralph”. I’m sure you’ll give her a warm welcome and enjoy reading her work as much as I do. — Shira @ Tchochkes

Collecting something you love is a great way to infuse your personality into your décor. Choose a shelf or spot on the wall to display your collection.

Delft Kissing Figurines

18th Century Delft China

One of the things I fell in love with when I was in Holland was Delftware.

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Artist review: Diane Graves

Hanging Lamps by Diane Graves


The hanging fringe on this lamp is what originally caught my eye,  I can surely appreciate creative lighting when I see it.  Diane Graves is somewhat of an artist disguised as a lighting designer.  Her one of a kind pieces are whimsical with a spiritual touch.   The fringe on the lamps here are found objects, a theme that is carried out in many of her lighting designs and a touch that personalizes much of her work. 

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My new obsession – kitchen tables

I finish my EMBA in July (G-d willing) and I’m already compiling the mental list of things around the house that need to be replaced or fixed after I finish school. My new top of the list item is a kitchen table (it wavers between replacing our kitchen table and replacing our full bed with a king or queen).


We bought our current table when we first moved in together 7 years ago – my husband (then boyfriend) found it used, with the chairs, for 100 NIS (about 25 USD). The top of the table was thrashed, it didn’t extend, it was slightly tilted, the color was awful, but the shape was OK and the chairs had potential. I painted the whole set white, sanded down the edges to let out some of the dark stain underneath – and voila, shabby chic (before it invaded Israel full-stop.) 

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BiOH – working on the footprint

I have a different idea of what ‘green’ is than most people these days. To me a smart green choice would be buying something you love, that is well made, and plan on keeping for your children to use. I prefer to pay more for a great piece of furniture than something from Ikea (or equivalent) that looks good and is inexpensive – but won’t last – even if it is made out of bamboo.



However, when it comes to soft furnishings I have a conflict. 

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Designer review: Lool 82


 When I first saw this photo I was thinking “Where’s Waldo?”, the children’s book where you have to find Waldo who is hiding in various settings filled with people.  In this setting I see a few “ugly dolls”, a “doggie bank” and a ” covered stool crate” which is what got me interested in the design group “lool 82” in the first place.  I say group because lool 82 is made up of four designers all doing their own things. 

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Store review: Back Yard

We’ve reviewed Back Yard before – but only from their website – not by visiting the store. This past weekend we went on a hiking trip not too far from Netanya and went through a moshav (small village) on our way out to the trail. As we’re driving down the main road of Hofit I saw the sign for Back Yard and got all excited (my husband has gotten used to this) and insisted that we stop there on our way back.


The store was not quite what I was expecting. As it’s a moshav there’s a house in the front, then you walk to the back where there’s a monster shed that once held cattle or chickens or grain or something (yes, aren’t I just the farmer) and in the very very back there’s the store. 

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