A bit more on Bialik House

Inside the Main Entrance, Bialik House


Inspired by Shira’s Tchochkes post,  I paid the Bialik House a visit a few days ago and was pleasantly suprised by the beauty of it all.  I totally lucked out with a private tour in English,  given by a lovely, super knowledgeable young lady that the Museum has on staff just for people like me.

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Art Walk: D is for dinosaur

“Mamasaurous” Dinosaur in the Port in Tel Aviv


Fun for all in the Tel Aviv Port,  these artistically rendered Dinosaurs from Haifa are on display along the board walk.  Many take their themes from the companies that sponsored them and it is fun to try and guess their names (or name them yourselves like I did) before looking at the information plaque attached to the base of each dinosaur.  

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Lighting store review: Lumos

I’ve come to the conclusion that Israeli’s like two types of lamps – ceiling and wall – they do not do table lamps. And for these to types Israeli artists create pieces which are modern, creative and unexpected. Forget traditional, I’m not even sure there’s a word for it in Hebrew. The closest you’ll get is a chandelier.


Lumos (they don’t have a website yet – but they will soon) is located at 45 Yedidia Frankel Street in Florentine (south Tel Aviv) and features original lamps by a group of Israeli designers. I really loved the pink chandelier featured above, it also has some great wall lights that went with it – but weren’t too matchy matchy in style. 

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera with me, so these photos are courtesy of Lumos.

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Shiputznick (Renovation) review: i feel

“i feel” living room shiputz (renovation)

I found this company “i feel“ while thumbing through a current issue if Nisha, an Israeli magazine that I read from time to time.  When I first saw their work I thought of “Spice it” a company that Shira has featured on Tchochkes a few times.  Where the latter mentioned have a background of set designing from IKEA, it looks like this guy from “i feel” is on his own.  He does an “OK” job at reinventing the space, but it is pretty ‘low end” and does not give much to aspire to. Continue reading

Centennial quilt exhibition in Tel Aviv

Migdal Shalom Gallery Quilt Show

Photo by Tammy Kochavi

My interest and love for quilts started years ago after attending a show that featured ”The Quilts of Gees Bend“, quilts made by a community of poor black woman living on a unique plantation along the Alabama river.  Quilts tell stories through the materials used and the images portrayed upon them and  all you need is one good show to begin your journey along the quilters road.

The Centennial Quilt Show, at the Migdal Shalom Gallery in the Shalom Towers in Tel Aviv; is a collection of local color created by the Israel Quilters Association.  These contemporary hand made quilts are a mix of seaside scenes and objects of monumental interest commemorating life in Tel Aviv over the last 100 years.

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Site Review: Original Building Design

And sometimes there are the sites that make you go, “Hmmm….”

Having limited Hebrew can be very amusing at times. This morning my son informed me that he needed something that starts with an aleph for class – so I gave him a tomato (agvaniot). Turns out that tomato starts with an eyn and I should have given him a stuffed rabbit (arnav in Hebrew). He’s since been told all future letter days are the responsibility of his father.

Other times I get to a website and get to try and figure out what the company is selling. Original Building Design is one of those. 

There’s no way he could possibly be selling interior design services. I think the place does wallpaper and drywall work. Still – look at that room. They have twigs in the corner and on the balcony.

[after posting edit] Since I’ve been informed that they also do interior design services I feel I have the right to critique the room above – which is awful in so many ways I’m not even sure where to begin.

The TV, next to the wine rack, next to the awful 70′s white lacquer table and chairs which is so close to the wall it needs to be pulled out for people to sit all the way around it. The furniture doesn’t match in style, color, or design – it doesn’t even flow. This isn’t eclectic, folks. This is just bad. 

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Cool color at the Gap…

Fashion and interior design work hand in hand when it comes to color.  What we see in the stores and what we wear on our bodies has a direct impact on what we put in our homes.  Fashion usually initiates the color mind set and interior designers take the ball and run with it, integrating color trends in a more sophisticated way as seen here in this subtly colored lavender kitchen.


 These color coordinated tee shirts at the Gap highlight the latest trend of purples and grays and update them with crisp spring accents. This trend can already be seen in many home furnishing collections.  The Gap, a well known clothing store in the USA never really made it here in Israel.  There was a time when a few GAP overruns were sold here sporadically, but that did not last and now we do not have access to Gap products here. 

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Wallpaper store review: Tapetim (Goldstein)

I’m assuming that Tapetim is the same wallpaper store which has been on Borgreshov in Tel Aviv for as long as I can remember (I’ve been here for 11 years, so you do the math.) This store has been selling wallpaper long before wallpaper became cool again. Their selection is amazing, the store is tiny. Or at least it used to be - I’m writing this after reviewing their website – it’s been awhile since I’ve been to Borgreshov when the shops were open (there’s a few sushi restaurants on the street I like) and the location is kind of bizarre. 

You’d think they would be located in Florentine, with all of the other home stores. Instead they are located in a shopping district – and one of my least favorites. Bogreshov isn’t as cool as Sheinkin or as upscale as Dizengoff. It’s like the street of misfit toys - only for clothing shops and cafes.

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Painted furniture for kids

How cute is this?  Generally speaking, I have a real problem when it comes to painted motifs on furniture, but I think that this line of  “Green” furniture from Lilipad Studios  is “all the rave”.  These intricately painted tables, chairs and step stools are expensive, the table & chair set costing $1,100.00 (not recession worthy) with extra chairs priced at $300.00 a piece: but from an artisans view they are magnificent and if I had a small child and a bag full of cash I would definitely be a taker. Continue reading

Store review: Halamish

Halamish is a bathroom / kitchen fixture and furnishings shop located in Bnei Brak (don’t ask me where in Bnei Brak – haven’t a clue, but the address is on the bottom of their website.) For a store located in such a – ok, there’s no polite way of saying this, but Bnei Brak isn’t known for high end, unless it’s high end black-hat gear – this store has some seriously amazing stuff. Ignoring the awful twigs in a vase (why oh why do stylists insist on that?!) the bathroom below is interesting, simple, and perfect for Israel’s lack of space. 

The amount of products they have is impressive as well. I browsed their site for over an hour, thinking about all of the things I would love to do if I could fit another bathroom in this place…

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