Color by color: Green

Green is my all time favorite color.  There are a plethora of green (color) products available to the decorator today.  Green has had it’s ups and downs when it comes to likability, but the current surge of positive green decorating choices have pushed it into the forefront as a popular color. 

Naturally Green leaf

Not a day goes by that we are not surrounded by the color Green.  Nature is a grand stage on which Green is it’s premier performer.  I have styled many a project after what lies outside the windows of my clients homes.  The “living mirror” below is a creative way to bring nature into the bathroom. 

Peace Lily framed mirror

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Book report: Flanagan’s Smart Home

Flanagan’s Smart Home

Writer and designer Barbara Flanagan has a soup to nuts approach to purging clutter in her new book “Flanagan’s Smart Home“.  This book discusses and list the 98 items that she couldn’t live without when she paired down from big to small house living. 

Books like this can make a difference when you need to pair down on household items.  Many times renovating the space uses up much of your energy and by the time you get to the small stuff, your creative engine is low on gas. 

* Enhancing your personal library with books of this nature is valuable decorating tool.

* Barbara Flanagan writes for The New York Times, Elle Decor, Metropolis and I.D. magazines and her book is well worth the paper it is printed on.

Surf Style

I’m homesick. I’ve been on Facebook lately getting in touch with friends from my hometown in the US, Huntington Beach, and all I can think about is how much fun it was to grow up there and how much I miss it. So today is about surfing style, the good bad and ugly of it – and it’s dedicated to HB.

This Malibu Surf Lamp by Dakine Decor (think of Da Kine – surf slang for ‘the ultimate’) is perfect for your grommets (kids). I think it would be cute in a boys room with the right look. Anywhere else it would be a bit much.

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Did you know…

Ikea Israel

Tchochkes has a soft spot for IKEA Israel.  From time to time we feature articles and current product updates, basically we do ”the good, the bad and the ugly”.  I was looking for information on the “UNG DRILL” frame (some name!) shown here  and recently seen in T Magazine NY Times; when I came across the Wikipedia page for how it all got started, I was really amazed.

UNG Drill frame from IKEA.  I like this frame, it has a “goth” twist.


Did you know that IKEA was founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad of Sweden?  He started the company as a mail order business shipping pens, wallets, picture frames, watches and even nylon stockings from his home… click on the IKEA link here to read more!

Innovative lighting: Ayala Serfaty

Aqua Creations, the brain child of Israeli designer Ayala Serfaty is a unique combination of beauty, functionality and art.  Her work, which is heavily inspired by organic forms found in nature and undersea themes; is reflective of well known glass artist Dale Chihuly

Ayala Serfaty’s silk collection is one of her most marketable lines, here she shapes the fabric to create these sculptural floor lamps.

“Morning Glory”

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What? A post with no pictures? WHY? or – How to shop Hertzl

I got a letter from a reader which I want to answer but I don’t have enough time to do it and upload pics – so todays post is sans pics. I’ll make it up to you later, promise.

hi shira. 
hoping you can help me out…  we’ll be shopping for dining room chairs on friday, and plan to hoof it first to herzl street, ta.  our look is clean/modern as our house has bauhaus lines and we’re leaning towards leather-covered metal as our wobbly wooden chairs have taken plenty of abuse we’d like to avoid that.  the plan was to just walk around, but i wanted to know if you knew of any stores specifically just in case time runs short. i’m looking for a place where quality is good and price not stratospheric… (not kastiel, lol!) any suggestions?
this will be my first furniture shopping foray in israel (though we’ve been here awhile…)

Smart solutions for tough times


What do we have here?  This is a “Safe-T-Bed“, an innovative idea created by Hollandia International.  Avi Barssessant, an Israeli who “lives on a farm outside Tel Aviv” (!) brings us luxury mattresses and smart ideas in tough times.  This guy read my mind, in this challenging economical climate more than once I thought of how great it would be to stuff the mattress with my life savings for safety; and now I can!

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Kastiel – even more than we’ve shown before

I have a friend from London who was convinced that there were no decent furniture stores in all of Israel, so I sent him to Kastiel in south Tel Aviv. The store is ginormous (yes, I made that word up), grand, and the furniture ranges from so over the top even Edina from Absolutely Fabulous would find it a bit much to french country that is so lovely and charming you’re wondering how you can lie to your husband about how much it costs and get away with it (not that I’d ever do such a thing…)

I would put this in the ‘over-the-top’ category, but that’s just me.

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