Color by color: Orange

Fall is here and it’s time for Orange!

The sun is a powerful orange ball that we think of everyday.  We notice if it’s out or not and when our solar heating is recharged or not when there is no hot water for the morning shower.  The power color Orange is dynamic.

Orange interiors are very stimulating.  Known to increase the appetite, it is a popular color for dining rooms and restaurants.  This room by Antonia Hutt is a perfect complimentary color combination.  The walls remind me of a creamsicle.

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Store review: Badosa

Badosa makes sofas, chairs, and anything else you need upholstered.  He makes them quickly, at an acceptable level of quality (he is not Roche Bobois – but he doesn’t pretend to be either). I can personally recommend his work, because I’m sitting on it right now while typing this post. 

See that rather ugly colored sofa below? That’s my sofa – only I changed the color and the shape of the back cushions. I would also recommend getting the trim all the way around the back cushions (as shown it’s only on the top and sides – having it on the bottom as well looks more finished). 

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Bonsai bonanza

To elaborate on the “mini”  theme a bit further, I bring you the Bonsai.  I always liked these little trees for their beauty and their uniqueness.  I have tried to grow them in my home a few times with no luck.  After researching for this article it actually does not sound so hard…. I might just give it another try.

Bonsai Omiya Village in Japan 

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Miniature inspirations

Design students finished model








I am not sure weather to call it my day job or night job, but when I am not writing for Tchochkes I teach color to design students here in Tel Aviv.  I recently got to witness the results of a class that I lectured to a few weeks ago.  Archijob-studio  is a continuing education program that is affiliated with the Technion University in Haifa that offers courses here in Tel Aviv.  I love seeing student works, they give me something to aspire to. 

Story board for the above model

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Tel Aviv – Here I come!

Tel Aviv is a very very close second to my favorite city in the world (which is Paris, I mean, come on – it’s really hard to beat Paris) but it is my absolute favorite city to live in. It’s safe, active, cultural, filled with fun things to do day and night – and beautiful.

These are just random photos I took today around Tel Aviv.

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Iron Work in the Negev

Carmey Avdat Farm near Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev is frequently visited for its vineyards, winery and guest lodging.  This farm, a realized dream of Hannah and Eyal Izrael; is not only a retreat but an artists workshop.  On the premises there is a metal shop where all of the iron work gracing the guest houses is made.  Inspired by the landscape, Eyal crafts decorative household items out of scrap iron and local stone. 

Here is a unique bow shaped wine rack, his collection also includes a selection of more traditional styles.
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Store review: Hazan Antiques in Jaffa Souk

I’ve found, generally, that Israelis aren’t nuts about anything old. If it’s a seriously good piece that they inherited they might, MIGHT appreciate it, but I have quite a few ‘hand me downs’ from friends who wanted to get rid of their old stuff and replace it with things from Ikea (shudder).

One of my best friends came down from Rosh Hanikra this weekend and saw the amazing bookshelf he gave me back in the day when we both still lived in Tel Aviv. I painted it a mint green and he’s been regretting giving it away ever since. 

For those of you who do appreciate a nice antique – there’s Hazan in Souk Ha Pishpishim in Jaffo.

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To stay, to go or to renovate?

To renovate or not to renovate – that is the question. Yesterday my husband and I looked at an empty shell of a house located on the street behind us. I wanted to know whether it made sense to build a second floor on our own place, or if we should sell and buy something else.

(All of the pictures were taken from Google – it’s not the house we looked at.)

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