Crayon sculptures


Crayon sculptures. Teeny tiny sculptures created from crayons -  wax crayons. Easily destroyed by small children crayons. Not even the fat chunky crayons, but the normal, thin, 64 in a box crayons.

Crayon sculptures for $199 each. Easily destroyed wax crayon sculptures created with a deft hand and a carving knife cost $199 each. A box of 150 crayons, pre-sculpture, in a neat tower package costs $12.99 on Amazon.

 Diem Chau is the artist of the crayons, and while I think her work is quite beautiful, I also think it’s very silly. Caveat emptor, keep away from windows and heat – or your $199 just might melt away.


Store review: kastiel Furniture and Accessories

The family owned business, Kastiel Furniture and Accessories has been around since 1942. Recently relocated in South Tel Aviv at 36 Alfasi street; this impressive, newly renovated Bahause style building is well worth a visit.

If you like the outside, you’ll love the inside. There are room after room of absolutely beautiful things.

Specializing in high end cutting edge furniture and accessories, this is the place to see “what’s in style now”.

These three oversize mirrors are on display at the entrance. The intricately carved unfinished wood frames are truly amazing.

The unfinished wood theme continues with the frame on this chair.

I think the combination of fine upholstry fabric with unfinished wood is a refreshing concept ( I am sure Shira would love to see it painted!) .

This table is another example of raw wood, Kastiel has a few really impressive pieces in this theme.

These carved wooden sculptures would be a nice accent in any room…

But the thing that I love most is this customized work area. Here you can sit and thumb through swatch books, product books, color swatches and all things design related. This place is serious about it’s clientelle.

Decorating a room, starting points

Decorating a room is easy!
All you need are a few tips to get you started.

Here is how I do it:

1) Decide what will stay and what will go in the room you are decorating.

2) Make a list of the things you will need to buy.

3) Draw up a budget as a starting point.

4) Consider items that will give you the “most bang for your buck”. Paint, slipcovers and accessories can make a dramatic impact.

5) Generate ideas by collecting inspirational materials. Fabric swatches, paint chips, wallpaper, paintings, photos and magazine tear sheets.

Next, Take a look at the items that you have collected and consider the folowing:

1) Are you drawn to warm colors (reds & Yellows) or do you prefer Cool colors (blues & greens)?

2) Do you like a lot of colors or various shades of one color?

3) Are you looking to create a calm environment or a energized one?

4) How does your color selection work with the other elements in the room?

Summing up:

*Consider the size and the light cinditions in the room. The larger the space the more color there will be.

*View your samples in the room. All the elements in the room have an impact on each other.

* Repeat colors in other elements in the room, carpet, draperies and pillows are all important way to tie in color.

Finally: Take a look at the work you have done; You should love all of the colors, fabrics, patterns and textiles that you have chosen… you are on your way!

The sculpture of chess

Chess is a beautiful game. The structure of the pieces, the layout of the board, the mind gymnastics needed to play, the elegance of the sport.

Julie Feldman has designed a fantastic chess set. The metal is industrial and modern, the lines are simple and elegant. The gray on gray is classic and clean and would fit in the most casual space as well as a formal one.

I’m simply in love with this set.

Based in Los Angeles, Julie is mainly a handbag designer, but she also does sculpture, art, and tarot readings. (I’m not going to think too hard on how all of these mesh together.)

I just want to focus on this chess set.
She ships worldwide.

Color by color: Red


power bold heat intensity passion drama vitality love daring

Red has a history of being bold and making a statement in the world of decorating. Red can be incorporated into a design scheme in more ways than one. As designers, we are not limited to paint on the wall. Red can be brought in through the use of different fabrics in various textures as in the photo shown above. Interior designer Tricia Guild , who takes her inspiration from places like India and Italy, is known for using strong colors in her work.

Red can be used in its pure form combined with the minimalism of white. Red used in this way takes on a clean, modern appeal. I could live with one or two red chairs in a neutral setting.

A good coat of paint can renew old cabinets or make a bold statement in a kitchen. This tomato red is known to enhance apetite and encourage conversation, this color is a perfect match!

In a blue room, a red bedcover and lampshade really make it glow. This complimentary combination is a nice alternative for a bedroom.

Color fact: Red is a primary color, you can’t mix it from any other color on the color wheel.

This photo shows some nice red hues. Using inspirational materials can help a project along from the start.

There are at least three different reds to choose from in the photo above.

Red is a strong color when used in advertising. Coca~Cola made red famous with thier logo. look how it stands out in the advertisment on the left. Imagine the effect it has on us when used in a color story.

Red is many things to many people. I love red for the energetic punch it adds to every design situation.

Growing fresh air

Living in an apartment does not have to mean “no gardens allowed”. If you have windows, you can have gardens. This small addition is a “breath of fresh air” to any city dwelling.

This is a photo of my small garden just outside the kitchen window.
Every Tubisvat I replant the herbs and flowers and by Purim theyare bursting with color!

Window box gardening is pretty simple.
All you need is to find the garden center nearest you.
Here in Tel Aviv, I go to the small center at the
bottom of the shuk (shuk azza). Here are a few things to ask for:

Item list: brackets, windowboxes, soil and plants.

Tip:Self watering systems can also cut out maintenance time but they are an added expense.

Rooftops are another option for the city gardner. I see this as an emerging “indoor- outdoor” trend. The method shown here is referred to as “container gardening“. This style of gardening is both practical and productive. The additional wall colors in the background add to the vitality of the garden here.

Environmental awarness is happening everywhere with more and more people joining the green revolution. This rooftop garden not only looks good, it helps divert rain water runoff from the city streets and recycles it for use in non drinking water functions for the building.

One good windowbox can lead to a million other gardens… so this spring, go green!

Store review: Pink 2 Orange

Pink 2 Orange is a home furnishings collection created by Israeli designer Zvika Bar. You can tell by the way this line of coordinating pillows, stools, lamps and art are merchandised, that Zvika comes from a background of fashion design.

His line is sophisticated, trendy ,clever and fun. I can see adding these to environments that need a touch of color or style to polish them off.

These pillows also function as clocks…I am not sure that this product makes sense, but they show that Zvika has a unique imagination and a sense of humor.

You can “zen out” a room with this goddess lamp and if you want more, he also carries pillows and art that use the same motif.

I think his products are a step away from the mainstream. For a closer look, visit his factory and shop at 27 Washington Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

Room tweak

My neighbors, Deborah and Roni decided to renovate one of their apartments which had not been touched for 30 years. After gutting the place and adding all new features, windows, kitchen appliances, window treatments, you name it they did it, it still needed that “lived in touch”. I call this process “room tweaking”.

Shown here is a photo of the newly finished study before the “tweak”.
The challenge was to make this room feel “lived in”. After spending so much time and money on the overall renovation , this couple was ready for some bargain shopping. We started the search for room accents at the “Shuk of Pishpeshime”, Tel Aviv’s premier flea market near the old port in Yaffo. We found this danish antique desk at “Vintage” for 700NIS. Good start!

After a few more visits to the flea market, Ace (silk pillows) and Home Center(sisal floor covering), we finally achieved the look and feel we wanted for a very affordable price.

Tip: Deborah went the extra mile and had some family generated art framed nicely at “Touch Wood”, a framing shop in Tel Aviv. This finishing touch made all the difference to personalize this space.

The bathroom was already beautiful in all white. All it needed was a few “tweaks” to make it feel alive. Deborah added the colorful towels and on my suggestion for good “Feng Shui” the round mirror above the sink.

 Here are a few more photos of this apartment which they rent out to visiting guests on a weekly basis.

 You can respond to this post for more info.

Shown here are the master bedroom and kitchen.



Studio Luca

Studio Luca is located in heaven (Beit Lechem Ha’Glilit) and creates original housewares from natural materials.

Their style is bordering on ‘shanty’ and I have to admit that I am not usually fond of this style – but I really like their work. There’s a delicateness to the craftsmanship of the pieces which give them a very calming appeal. I could see the hanging lamp (left) above a huge wooden table in a south west facing dining room. (If it was north-east facing it would need to be much brighter in my opinion).

The wall lamps have more color and architectural appeal.

If you like to travel north on your weekends and love to see beautiful, arty, interesting places while on your way then you simply must go to Beit Lechem HaGlilit. Go towards the Galil from Yokneam, turn right at the T-junction, and L at the following light (where the mall and McDonalds is). Follow that road through all of its turns to the very end. That is the moshav of Beit Lechem Ha Glilit and they have great shops and loads of artists.