Old school arm lamps really do it for me

I love mixing modern style with retro, and the best way to work in a bit of the old school in a modern setting is with lighting. I don’t think I would be so LL Bean obsessed if I still lived in the United States.

The Pharmacy Lamp is EXACTLY what I want for my bedroom (the saga continues) and can not find in this country. Tomorrow I’ll be going to th esouk in Jaffa, perhaps I’ll have some luck there.
The Bungalow Desk Lamp is screaming to go in an office. (Ok, my office.)

Fresh bread mmmmmmmmm…….

Almost a year ago now we inherited a breadmaker from my friend Ellen before she moved back to the US (which is part of the reason why it’s so good to be on your local anglo message board).

The Hubby complained about my taking it, insisting that it will never be used and it will just take up too much space.

He was right, so he decided to do something about it. Out came the breadmaker last weekend (not as nice as the one pictured, but works just fine) and he made wholewheat bread.

Oh My G-d. YUM!

We’re never buying bread again. This was so easy and so yummy and just absolutely wonderful. And the smell of the house – wow. I’m completely bread obsessed now and recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have one.

Home tour – Tal and Ze’ev’s home

You know that friend you have whose house is just so fab you want to throw them out of it and go live there yourself? Well Tal and Ze’ev are those friends for me (which doesn’t actually portray me in the best light – but their house is so cool and well decorated I just don’t care.)

The pictures do not do the place justice – I took them at night. Tal took amazing pictures in the day time but my youngest decided to play frisbee with the disk and I haven’t seen her lately to get a new one.

The kitchen lights are red, red, and clear shades. I don’t totally get it, but it seems to work.
The entry floor has an open living room / kitchen / dining room. You can go upstairs to an office / loft.
Down half a flight is the master bedroom and office (for her) and down a full flight are the kids rooms and play area.

Seriously cool Indian style

I fell into this amazing interior designer / architect Indian community website yesterday that has some incredible pics of home design in India. Considering what we call ‘Indian’ design I thought this would be a revelation for all.

I love the colors in the TV room and the wood panelling behind the TV to anchor the space. The room has an almost dreamy look to it. The glass panel door is textured so little ones won’t go running into it (my youngest ran into our glass door from the backyard last week – not a fun ayaa)

The formal living room isn’t as successful in my opinion, but it’s still lovely. I like the colors and the general decoration of the space, but I would prefer it cozied up a bit with a rug. It just seems a bit cold. The wood elements tie into the same elements in the TV room, bringing together the styles in harmony.

The interior design company is Vistaar associates, and the principal architect is B.Shweta.

The closest bedroom sets I’ve found to the New England style I like

House-in uses twigs in their room styling *cringe cringe*, and you know what – I can forgive them for that because their bedroom set design is

the closest I’ve found to the New England style that I love.
Take the bed with the drawers (left) – now imagine it with the drawers from the armoir (below) instead (I’m certain they make it all on order so these types of changes wouldn’t be difficult). You could keep the drawers white or a contrasting color. Regardless I would change the handles. I’m sick of those handles – they are everywhere.
The wood slat design of this bedroom set is adorable. Imagine the bed properly ‘dressed’ (do the people at House-in not use pillows?) and you’ve got yourself a lovely retreat.

I’m not so nuts about this bedroom, but I know other people who would be, so here it is. One thing that leaves me perplexed is the low table with the tchochkes on it. What is the purpose of that?

Spring is just around the corner – which means garden furniture

Winter in Zichron is a misery. It’s cold, windy, rains too much, and is so overcast and dreary you forget that the rest of the country has completely different weather. Spring and summer, however, are divine and it looks like they are just around the corner.

Time for garden furniture.

I have been dreaming of buying a teak or kwila hardwood patio set from El Gan for ages now. I had planned on buying one this winter (cheaper to buy in the winter when business is slow), but it didn’t happen.
I have not done enough comparison shopping to swear this place is the best – but they do have very high quality goods at fair prices. Their prices are lower than the same quality in the US.
Also, if you mention Tchochkes.com they promised to be extra helpful (whatever that means).

I swear I’m not sheet obsessed

I’m not sheets obsessed, regardless of how it looks. It’s just that once I started writing about places to buy bedding I started to remember all of the other places I’ve bought after moving here. Lands End has an Overstock site which ships to Israel. Their price for shipping is $15 for priority air (one to two weeks) if you spend up to $100.

This may seem high, but if you get something on a really good sale it’s not such a bad deal. Keep in mind that you will have to pay 15.5% tax if the purchase is over $50.

I also have to admit a small issue I have with Lands End since they were bought by Sears. (Childhood trauma of being the only kid in Toughskins when the rest were in Calvin Klein). With that said, I have some sheets by them and they are fine quality – 300 percale Egyptian cotton.

Boring update and IKEA sale all rolled into one

I will fully admit that I have been negligent with posting lately. The Hubby is working (in his free time, which he has none poor thing) on a wordpress blog which I will change over to when it’s finished.

I can import the blogger stuff into wordpress according to their site, but I’m expecting it to be a nightmare so the less we have to import the better. I have a ton of content waiting to be posted – and eventually it all will be.

On a different note – the four poster bed at IKEA is on a pretty incredible sale and I have to admit it really has me thinking. We do need a new bed and this is a very cute cheap bed.

I don’t think it sold well, so they probably won’t be keeping it in their collection. Not that I care about that, actually to me that’s a plus because that means I won’t be seeing it everywhere. And I love the yellow.

Of course, I can also imagine the boys climbing it like monkeys (I haven’t decided if that’s a good or bad thing yet).

[Post update: Checked with The Hubby and he doesn't like the style. It seems he agrees with the general population. Well, there goes that idea...]

Keter is doing their part to save our environment

According to Globes, Keter is going green and offering to pay people in product coupons if they return their old Keter goods. They will then recycle the old products.

According to the article ‘Keter will launch the pilot at its factory outlet in Yokne’am and will extend it if it proves successful. Institutional customers can already recycle products at additional sites, including the company’s manufacturing plants.’

Fido’s home (left) is recyclable? He’ll be so happy to know that.