I went to Hafatzim to buy the lamps

I went yesterday to buy the lamps I wanted from Hafatzim. I had called last week and they told me that they still had them.

One would think, then, that I would have come home yesterday with two lovely new lamps – but one would be wrong.

They have the lamps, but they don’t actually carry stock in the store. Of course.

When I mentioned to the sales person that it would have been helpful to give this information over the phone she explained to me that they don’t have any room in the store for stock. Right, I tried to explain, and had I known that I would have asked her to get two lamps in the store for me to come and get yesterday.

She offered for me to order the lamps – and pay the entire thing up front. I’m about to leave for the US, I explained. That’s fine, she said, she’ll hold them for me.

Um, no. My money would rather be in my bank account until I can get the lamps, but thank you.

I left, and considered that maybe G-d doesn’t want me to buy from Hafatzim. The salesperson was smarmy and thick.

Maybe UK eBay will have something? They have the same electricity as us.

Going to the US for work

I will be leaving for the US on Thursday night, but I’m swamped with things to do before then, so any and all posts will be unexpected.

I return on February 1st. I don’t know how busy I will be in Omaha, but my guess is that I will not be posting until I get back.

Thank you for your patience.


My lighting obsession continues

Yesterday I was in Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv, but I got there too late to buy the lamps I’ve been obsessing over. I figured this was a sign from above to go through a-designer and look at every single lamp they have on their site.

What was I thinking?

100 pages of lamps. This site is not organized at all, you can’t sort through the lamps and only look at table lamps or pendant lamps. This is Israel – you have to work for your lamps! So 100 pages I trudged through and I have come to the absolute conclusion that the Hafatzim lamps are the ones I want.

I did grab a couple of interesting lamps from the site, of course. The one to the Tavolo Spot lamp looks like a kitchen faucet to me (the kind that pulls out to get the hard-to-reach areas). That doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I could see my kids having a great time shaping this thing…

I quite liked the flower shade with the glass base by Modiss but it doesn’t suit the style of my house. This is a seriously sexy lamp.

The pendant lamp by Aldo Benardi is, however, perfect for my house and is now shortlisted as the next big buy after I get our bedroom lighting sorted. I could just see this in our kitchen.

Cheap crochet pendant lampshades

Sometimes I understand trends, and sometimes I just don’t.

These crochet pendant lamps have been featured everywhere on design blogs and I HATE them. I think they look cheap and tacky – and totally not worth it for $225. Plus they will be a nightmare to dust.

I would rather see something of a close equivalent in porceline, with a proper bottom edge instead of that rough frayed edge. They didn’t even bother to finish the edges, that’s how cheap these awful things are.

Guaranteed they’ll be on sale by the end of the season.

And because I always feel guilty when I write something critical I have to put something I like on here as well. I went through Modern Dose (affordable remedy to modern design? I don’t think so) and found this great Draper cabinet. They have the suggestion to use this as a bathroom vanity – which could be cool – depending on what it’s made from. That information is missing from this site.

I like the shape, the simplicity, and the hardware.

From light and airy to overdone bordello

I kept going through Vicki’s before and after pics and came across these two. The picture with the white walls is the before pic.

I’m seriously overwhelmed by the ‘after’ pic. There are just so many things I would change here, I’m not sure where to start…

Lets keep the red. The huge gothic chandelier has to go. Change both the plant on the table and the one in the corner with something less blah. Change the picture with something less dark and heavy. Make the frame on the new picture lighter (weight looking wise – not necessarily color). I could go on, and on, and on…

Interior designers before and after

Interior designers can transform a room and give it a personality that sparkles and shines. They can make the owners of the home seem so much more interesting than they really are. Or they can just make your place generally dull but inoffensive.

Vicki Blakeman is the interior designer in charge of the transformation from blah and offensive to not quite so blah, below. I love the green on the walls and the way the fireplace stands out now. What I don’t like is the heaviness of the dark furniture against the green.

Yummy DWR

I love playing the ‘if I had a shipment left on my rights and could get whatever I want, what would I get’ game.

Today DWR is my dream shopping spot and that coffee table would be on my ‘bring’ list. Of course, I would be living in a penthouse flat somewhere in Tel Aviv… but that’s another game.

This chandelier might be over the table, or not. I still can’t decide whether I like it or not.