Like a rainbow

Up close and Personal Rainbow

Rainbows are one of those things that are universally loved by all… who does not love the rainbow?!

A rainbow is a spectrum of light that shows itself when the sun shines into moisture AKA raindrops.  Roy G Biv, possibly the most famous rainbow of all; helps us remember the order of the colors of the rainbow.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

My Closet (just kidding)

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Big comfy couch

I came across this couch while scanning for info for another post.  I thought it was a really creative seating solution that is somewhat achievable in more ways than one.  I can see making your own pillows out of various fabrics in fun shapes and colors or maybe even just throwing whatever you have on hand onto a bench or chair and calling it a day! 


Call me crazy, but I love it…

Trend spotting: Folkloric

It’s not new, nothing is really new if you come to think of it, but Folkloric inspired design is back as a current trend.  This look combines all things remembered from childhood with updated color and design input from Scandanavia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Mexico.  I borrowed the image above from The Style Council site, they are a design and color forecasting service that caters to people looking for an eye into the future.

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Decorative cement

Building Facade on Ben Yehuda

Apartment building or bunker?  This was my first thought when I saw this building facade on Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv.  On one hand it is kind of quirky and creatively cool, and on the other hand it is extremely confining…  I did see a woman looking out from behind one of the”jail like” lattice squares when I took this photo.

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Happy Birthday to Tchochkes, Israel’s interior design source

Yes, it’s been a year – and yes, I started Tchochkes with this post on Christmas Day. Although to be completely honest I don’t remember whether I realized it was Christmas at the time. I’ve been in Israel now for over a decade, and it’s just another winter day over here. 

I wrote five posts that day:


What we bought – the before pics

It’s OVER – thank G-d

Bedside lighting

Bedside lighting continued

And I kept up that pace daily until my husband was boycotting the word Tchochkes in our household. That’s when I met Patti. She started as a reader and turned into a partner for Tchochkes and friend. We’ve grown,and  Patti has done an amazing job with posting regularly (something I’ve been finding harder and harder as school has moved along – it’s over in July.) 

I just wanted to say thank you to our amazing readers. The feedback we have gotten has been wonderful, and we appreciate your patience with our weak grammar and our occasional (ok, often) lapse of using spellcheck before clicking Publish. I know I can speak for Patti when I say we appreciate you all, and hope you continue to enjoy reading Tchochkes for a long time to come.

To all of you in Israel, Hag Sameach – and to our readers worldwide, Happy Happy Holidays.

With much love,


More color coded parking

Today I came across another underground parking garage in Tel Aviv like the one featured earlier this week, with similar colors and the same three color formula for pattern.  Although this one was done more graphically rather than poetically, I think it works nicely to brighten the space.

*If you want to see it for yourself, this parking garage is underneath the big new Macabi Health Care building on Yigal Alon street.

New year, new calendar

2009 is just around the corner, it’s time for a new calendar. 

The Timor Calendar designed in 1967 by Enzo Mari is cool but a bit pricey, depending on which source you go to prices range from $149.00 to $190.00.  The good thing about this calendar is that it can be used year after year, day in and day out, which may be worth the higher price tag.

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