Ronen Kadushin

Ronen Kadushin is an Israeli living in Germany. I could do a whole diatribe about my opinion on that, but this isn’t that sort of blog, so instead I’ll focus on his funky work.

The wierd looking thing to the right is a chair appropriately named Ploop. It’s made out of polyurethane foam which is glued in layers before being cut.

The candle holder to the right is called Reality TV (he does seem to get a kick out of naming these pieces.) Back in the day when wall sconces were for candles, they had mirrors on the back of them to reflect the light and make it stronger, this piece is a modern take on that.

One more from Shay Alkalay

These two killed me, so I thought they deserved their own post.

The glass bowl to the left is a ‘Flying Fish Bowl’. The description on Shay’s site: A Giant wall mounted revolving fish bowl allows your dearest pet to travel the polluted ocean from the comfort of his own home.

These two are just filled with warm and fuzziness…

Again, I know this has nothing to do with Home, but what a brilliant idea. It’s a sticky spot spaceman. You iron it on around a spot you can’t get out. Bizarre, yet so cute and commonsensical (yes I just made up that word and I’m sticking to it).

And now for some humor…

Shay Alkalay and Yeal Mer are Raw-Edges Design Studio and their pieces are filled with humor and whimsy (ok, some of Yael’s pieces are filled with dark humor, but that is humor none-the-less).

The drawers to the left by Shay open from the front and the back.

The head bag to the right is by Yael (this is the dark humor I mentioned earlier…) I know this has nothing to do with Home, but I just couldn’t help myself. Look at it! (Plus with the upcoming elections in the US I thought this is so appropriate for a New Year post.)

I think the ‘Rocking Slippers’ to the left is absolutely brilliant, especially since it’s so cold in Zichron this time of the year. I like the shape, the colors (on her site she shows it in charcoal gray and a deep strawberry red), and especially the concept.


Happy Happy New Year. This is Tchochkes one week anniversary and we’ve had over 1,000 hits our first week! (How exciting is that?)

I’ve gotten wonderful emails of encouragement, which is really nice since I’m doing this in my (not so) spare time.

I have loads of ideas for this blog, and hope to be able to implement them in the next year. Please keep checking back and tell your friends. Also, please don’t be afraid to make a comment. The growth and strength of this site will depend on it’s readers. If you don’t like what you read, or you would like to see more of something, please just let me know.

Happy New Year. May all of your dreams come true in 2008.


Great color reference

Don’t ask me how I came about this, because I can’t remember and haven’t a clue.

Pantone is THE color company. If you have always wanted to change the colors of your walls from white to lime green (or any other color in the spectrum) and want to see how this would match the rest of your decore, then this is the site for you.
Color isn’t an easy thing. I have so many friends who want to paint a room but are left motionless by the fear of making a decision. We seem to think of a painted wall as permanent, when really the only parameters we have are the ceiling, floor, and our own imagination.

I love Pantone for giving me a place to play with color, since I neither have the time nor the energy to repaint my whole house as I so desire.

Right now I’m really into strawberry red and clear ice blue….
The picture on the right is from Apartment Therapy, my absolute favorite blog for interior design. I haven’t been able to get this picture out of my head since I saw it a week ago. I plan on painting my end tables the red of the door and I want to repaint my walls that blue. Right now the walls are kind of a pepto-bismol pink.

Don’t get too excited, they are in England

Feather and Black is this wonderful bedroom furniture manufacturer in England and their stuff is just divine.

I’m in love with this bed and I think the style would be a perfect fit for a lot of Israeli homes. I realize so many people here are into the ‘low bed’ but I also know that most people have a serious lack of space to put stuff (myself included) and this bed gives a nice stylish solution to that issue.

See the drawer to the right? This is how a drawer is meant to be made. With dovetail joints. This is something that will last an extremely long time and is well worth the cost.

This bed on the left is the simplest bed on their site, and it’s the one I want for my own bedroom. I’ve actually considered going to a metal working place to see if they can copy it, because to send it here is prohibitively expensive. (Maybe if enough of us write to their website and beg they will open up a store here?)

Betili is getting some style

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Betili over the years. They’ve always been perfectly nice and wonderful to me (and their sales people are typically really lovely) but the style they have is so hit and miss. Plus the bedrooms are so boxy and bulky. I’ve always preferred them for accessories (sometimes their tchochkes are inspired with color, shape, and style).

It seems their designers are putting more of an attempt to fit into the scheme of the unique design shops which are becoming so popular. The above right bed is the Betili version of Hederim. I would even be willing to like this bedroom set, if they didn’t completely ruin it by adding the extra details on the doorfronts. It’s like this bamboo accent influence thing, only painted white and ‘aged’. I just don’t think it’s successful.

Betili does heavy really well. The picture to the right is a much more successful version of what they do. While I wouldn’t have this in my house (I don’t do matchy-matchy) I do like this set, and in a big bedroom with the right bedding (NOT what they have here – who taught them how to dress a bed??!!!) this could be really sexy.

I wish knew about this before the boys were born

Before I had my first son (now 4) I spent hours upon hours searching American furniture websites. One thing the US had, that I just couldn’t find here, was a crib which turned into a toddler bed and then a regular twin bed. I went to all of the normal places (Shilav, Ben v Bat, Ikea, etc…).
Today I have found what I was looking for, too bad it’s 4 years too late.

NOA Kids has really amazing, classic designs for kids rooms. These rooms are so nice, I wish they made things for adults.

I like the kids stuff in this country so much more than the things I find mass produced for the parents. What does that say about me?

I know they aren’t cheap, but as I see it if you spend the money on quality the first time around then it will last you for kids 2 and on.

They also have amazing things for older kids as well.
Best of all, they have a website in English!

My first regular reader!

L. seems to be my first regular reader who is someone I don’t actually know in person (if there are more of you – please write!)
She sent me pictures of her backyard deck in Beit Shemesh. I like decks, they are easy to clean, always look good, and are simply a classic.
The view looks lovely…